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From One Idea to Many Experiences

A friend of my daughter’s–Mimi Law–had an idea: that a group of women metal workers assemble a show. The proposal was accepted by The Pendulum Gallery in Vancouver; the exhibition is runs from a few days ago to July 4, 2009..

One of the women said that she hoped this exhibit would provided each artist with the opportunity to do her best work yet. I think that is the case for my daughter, Sage.

Sage working on bird cage sculpture

Sage working on bird cage sculpture

The exhibit is called “Rare Birds” because of metalwork being unconventional for women, and Sage intended to avoid a bird theme, but when the idea came to her for this piece, she could not resist it.

Sage's sculpture: top view

Sage's sculpture: top view

Sage's sculpture: side view

Sage's sculpture: side view

The media release states the exhibit will “showcase works of 11 women and celebrate the evolution of women’s roles and status.” It includes over 30 pieces, with this sculpture and a coffee table as Sage’s contributions. Watching from a distance, this complex

project has had many twists and turns for my daughter and other artists. One stopped to buy a coffee on the way to the gallery and had to chase a thief running down the road with one of her sculptures. Sage struggled with how to effectively bring the group together in some aspects of preparation. She met new people, learned some fundraising skills, and has been one of several women involved with radio, TV and media coverage. Collectively, I am sure it has been an eclectic, sometimes surprising, and very positive experience for the women.


  John James O’Brien wrote @

Interesting post, intriguing work of art. More synergies, Alice. Rob’s niece is a visual artist in Calgary and nephew is a metal artisit and special effects guy in the film industry. There is something elemental about metal work – I like the physicality, the seeming permanence, the tangible expression of an idea…cool.

  John James O’Brien wrote @

Forgot to say, great shot of Sage – all the best for an undoubtedly successful event. j

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