Alice MacGillivray

Supporting Leadership & Knowledge Work Across Boundaries

Writing & Publications

MacGillivray, A. (2011). “The Application of Complexity Thinking to Leaders’ Boundary Work” in Moving Forward with Complexity: Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Complex Systems Thinking and Real World Applications. Emergent Publications: Litchfield Park, Arizona. Table of Contents: pdf

MacGillivray, A. (2011). “A New Sustainability Leadership Graduate Certificate Program” in The O.N.E. Times: The Academy of Management Organizations and the Natural Environment Division Newsletter. pp.15-16 pdf

McGonagill, Grady and Doerffer, Tina (2010). The Leadership Implications of the Evolving Web: Bertelsmann Stiftung Leadership Series. Listed as “Expert consulted during the study.”

MacGillivray, A. (2010). Alice MacGillivray looks at leadership in complex environments. Feature story in InRoads Magazine: Royal Roads University.

MacGillivray, A. (2010). Metaphors from Nature for Knowledge Work in a Complex World. In A. Tait & K. Richardson (Eds.), Complexity and Knowledge Management: Understanding the Role of Knowledge in the Management of Social Networks. Charlotte: Information Age Publishing. pp. 201-216.

MacGillivray, A. (2010). Leadership in a network of communities: A phenomenographic study in The Learning Organization.Vol. 17 (1) pp. 24-40. pdf

MacGillivray, A. (2009). Book review of Digital Habitats: Stewarding technologies for communities by Wenger, White and Smith. For Emergence: Complexity and Organization. Vol. 11 (4) pp. 99-104. pdf

MacGillivray, A. (2009). Turning leadership outside in: Boundary spanners’ internal boundary work. See ISSS conference proceedings from Brisbane, Australia:

* I recently received positive feedback for peer reviews I provided to authors who submitted papers to the annual Academy of Management conference. It’s rewarding to provide thoughtful peer-reviews, and good to know that they are usually appreciated!

MacGillivray, A. (2009). Knowledge intensive work in a network of counter-terrorism communities. Hershey: IGI Global. This chapter/paper appears in the Handbook of Research on Knowledge-Intensive Organizations edited/authored by J. Kociatkiewicz & D. Jemielniak(Eds.), Copyright 2008, IGI Global, Posted by permission of the
publisher.  Chapter

See reference to these and other publications in this Academy of Management newsletter.

MacGillivray, A. (2008). A review of Managing Uncertainties in Networks. Emergence: Complexity and Organization. Vol. 10 Issue 2. Full text (PDF)

MacGillivray, A. (2008). Learning at the edge—Part 2: Scholar-practitioner Reflections on Boundaries. Emergence: Complexity and Organization. Vol. 9 Issue 4. Full text (PDF)

The following paper by Marilyn Price-Mitchell cites the Learning at the edge papers, and explores boundary dynamics in parent-school environments. Thanks to Marilyn for her work and for considering mine an inspiration. Price-MitchellFall2009

MacGillivray, A. (2006). Learning at the edge – Part 1: Transdisciplinary conceptions of boundaries. Emergence: Complexity and Organization. Vol. 8 Issue 3. Full text (PDF)

MacGillivray, A. (2006). A review of Complexity and the Experience of Leading Organizations. Emergence: Complexity & Organization. Vol. 8 Issue 2. Full text (PDF)

MacGillivray, A. The Cynefin Framework in Parks and Protected Areas Management. (case study submitted for book in progress).

MacGillivray, A. CompanyCommand (case study used for instruction in 2005)

MacGillivray, A. (August 2004). Knowledge Management in Practice: RRU’s E-Learning Platform Development. Royal Roads University InRoads magazine. Full text (PDF)

MacGillivray, A. and J.D.Smith. (2004). Genetic diversity as inspiration for instructional design. Conference presentation at AACE E-Learn 2004. Full text PDF.

MacGillivray, A. Project at a Crossroads (problem-based learning study used for instruction in 2004)

Goran, W. and A. MacGillivray. (2003). Exploring Intersections Between GIS and knowledge management. Feature Article: GEOWorld Magazine. Full text (HTML)

MacGillivray, A. (2003). Knowledge management education at Royal Roads University. Competitive Intelligence Magazine, v.6, no.4. Article originally appeared in the July/August issue of Competitive Intelligence Magazine, published by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

<!– Full text (PDF) –>MacGillivray, A. (November, 2003). Communities of practice make perfect. Royal Roads University InRoads magazine. Full Text (PDF)

MacGillivray, A. (September, 2003) KM vs. CI: Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence find common ground at Royal Roads. Royal Roads University InRoads magazine.Full text (PDF)

On-line Community Features (2003): Mentor for project: “Let’s get Positive About…Lurkers”

MacGillivray, A. (2002). Educating for competence. Financial Management Institute Journal, v.14, no.1, pp 7-10. full text pdf

MacGillivray, A. and Faulkner, A. (2002) A Business Lens on Business Intelligence: Sustaining Intellectual Capital. Full text (PDF)

Chiaramonte, P. and MacGillivray, A. Cirque de Soliel. (case study used for instruction in 2002)

Faulkner, A. & MacGillivray, A. (2001). A Business Lens on Business Intelligence – Twelve Tips for Success. Paper presented at Oracle Development Tools User Group – San Diego. Full text (PDF)

MacGillivray, A. (2000). Using business intelligence tools to facilitate front line priority-setting in a public sector organization. Victoria: Royal Roads University thesis. Full text (PDF) at the Library and Archives Canada


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