Alice MacGillivray

Supporting Leadership & Knowledge Work Across Boundaries

What we can help you achieve

New Insights

  • deepened understanding of what is really going on in your organization through several research approaches such as ethnography.


  • mobilization of these new insights to become more resilient, creative, agile, less likely to repeat mistakes and better prepared for a changing future.

Learning, through informal learning support, formal learning design and delivery

Informal Learning through

  • communities of practice and a wide range of other small and large group approaches to learning from and with colleagues.

Formal Workplace and Community Learning through

  1. Course design, face-to-face, online or blended
  2. Course facilitation and delivery
  3. Keynote presentations
  4. Interactive workshops
  5. Supervision of theses and other research projects

Sample Workshop Themes; Custom Design Available

  1. Making the Shift from Training to Learning
  2. Introduction to Leadership
  3. Lessons for Leaders from Nature
  4. Leadership and Learning at a Distance
  5. Taking the Mystery out of Workplace Research


Three-continent world cafe

World cafe with participants from three continents.


Charles Darwin observed that successful species are not the strongest, nor the most intelligent, but the ones that adapt to change. We are entering a period of profound change requiring new adaptations in the ways we work, learn and think; I specialize in work with these uncertain and dynamic environments.

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