Alice MacGillivray

Supporting Leadership & Knowledge Work Across Boundaries

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I help people in organizations and communities gain new insights, adapt to changing environments, lead and learn.

One of the key ways in which I do this is to use principles from nature. Without even realizing it, we have adopted terms, phrases and habits that are very machine-like. They once served a purpose, but in most modern work contexts, they cause harm. They can dehumanize staff, kill innovation, and hamper learning.

A more ecosystem-like workplace can have many benefits. Connections amongst the groups you care about, such as employees, departments, clients, customers, suppliers, and citizens are recognized and enriched. Ideas can flow through many conduits. If an employee leaves, the system can repair itself more easily. Leadership can emerge as needed. Shifts in the environment bring many existing ideas to the surface. People and their knowledge are respected and work becomes more interesting and rewarding.

During my doctoral studies, I worked with leaders in all sectors who were mastering these new, more organic forms of working. My PhD is in systems from Fielding Graduate University, which specializes in human and organizational development. I also have degrees in leadership and in human development. I began my post-secondary studies in biology to complement my work with natural systems in three major government organizations. I have worked with public, private and not for profit organizations, have published several papers and book chapters and speak at international conferences.


To fit with your specific needs, I have the ability to form a collaborative team with other consultants who bring complementary knowledge and skills.


Alice MacGillivray, PhD.

CV MacGillivray_Academic
Skype: amacgillivray
Twitter: 4KM

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